Car Accident Claims Info – Case Types, and Compensation

Car accident claims are the main source of United States’ personal injury cases. Approximately half of all auto accidents cause injury claims and a large number of these become injury lawsuits. Most injuries in auto accidents are neck and head injuries, and they are as costly (or more) as the auto damage claims.

Auto accidents can result in various injuries, from minor bruises and scrapes to long-lasting disability and even death. And in any accident involving even the slightest injuries, medical experts must be consulted as soon as possible!

The major legal principle determining fault in auto accidents is negligence, which works on the conjecture that all vehicle drivers are careful while driving and follow traffic laws. Otherwise, the driver is assumed to be negligent or careless. If you are involved in an auto accident, then take note of the following:

  • Only provide general info: driver’s license details, insurance agent contact number, and anything needed by medical professionals or law enforcement to guarantee that the situation is okay. Never admit being responsible.
  • Don’t confront the opposing party in a hostile or emotional fashion. Even though you are not responsible, you can still influence any car accident claim through your actions following the incident.

To acquire compensation in a car accident claim, you should demonstrate that the damages you sustained were due to the negligence of the other driver. This can be tough in instances where an auto accident has a number of causative factors. (If the police made the report, then it will probably carry loads of weight in negotiations.)

Learn and know more about the various auto accident, injury and damage scenarios below. This article offers comprehensive clarifications of the most popular accident types, causes, injuries, vehicles, and loads more.

car accident
Car accident scene

Vehicle Accident Cases:

Various Types of Car Accidents

Auto accidents take place in a variety of manners under a number of different conditions. Certain matters of negligence and liability concern each accident type.

• Head-on Accidents

• Rear-end Collisions

• Pedestrians Hit by Automobiles

• Side-impacts and T-bones

• Leaving the Scene or Hit and Runs

• Multiple-vehicle Accidents

• Parking Lot Accidents

• Fender Benders or Minor Collisions

Types of Vehicles Usually Involved in Crashes

There are some various types of vehicles on the road today. When each vehicle gets in a car accident, the result will be different. Also, we talk about off-road automobiles which comprise a huge number of injuries annually.

• Semi-truck or 18-wheeler Collisions

• Motorcycle Accident Claims

• Boating Accident Claims

• Public Transportation Injuries

• Off-road Vehicle Injuries

• Bicycle-Car Collisions

Malpractice victim rushed to the ER.

Common Road Accident Causes

Driving under the influence of alcohol, phone distractions, as well as road defects can all result in devastating crashes. Liability matter will alter with each kind of accident cause, so drive safely!

• Broken Traffic Laws

• Drunk and Impaired Driving

• Texting While Driving

• Cell Phone Distractions

• Poor Road Conditions and Quality

• Falling Asleep While Driving

Common Car Accident Injuries

There are rather common injuries all through the various types of car collisions. In here, we talk about the various injuries, their treatment and diagnosis, and getting recompense to answer for your chiropractic and medical bills.

• Concussions and Other Injuries to the Head
• Whiplash and Other Injuries to the Neck
• Knee, Leg and Ankle Injuries
• Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

Car Insurance Explained

Auto insurance laws often alter from state to state. Above changing laws, there are wide-ranging distinct insurance plan selections, coverage options, and policy limits. And there are those reckless individuals who drive with no insurance. So learn about the various insurance alternatives here.

Claims for the Uninsured Motorist Injury

• No-fault Insurance

• Pure Comparative Fault

• Pure Contributory Fault

• 51% Modified Comparative Fault

• 50% Modified Comparative Fault

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