Personal Injury Facts: All about Traffic Collision

A traffic collision, also known as a traffic accident, MVC (motor vehicle collision), car accident, automobile accident, car accident, road traffic accident, road traffic collision, car smash, car crash, or wreck happens when an automobile collides with another automobile, debris, pedestrian, animal, or other immobile obstruction, like a utility pole or tree. Traffic collisions could cause injury, death as well as property damage and a traffic accident lawyer is in demand.

Numerous causes contribute to the danger of accident, including speed of operation, the design of the vehicle, road design and environment, driver skill, impairment attributable to drugs or alcohol, behavior, notably racing and speeding. Worldwide, car accidents lead to disability and death, as well as monetary damages to both societies as well as the people involved.

Road injuries caused 1.4 million fatalities in 2013, from 1.1 million fatalities in 1990. Approximately 68,000 of these happened in kids less than five years old. As a result, of traffic collisions, the death rates for nearly all high-income countries are decreasing, while a good number of low-income countries have increasing mortality. Middle-income nations have the maximum speed with 20 deaths/100,000 inhabitants, 80 percent of all road death rate by only 52 percent of all vehicles. Africa has the highest mortality rate (24.1/100,000 population), while Europe has the lowest.

Signs and symptoms


After some accidents, long-term psychological problems could occur. These problems could make those people who have had a mishap afraid to go on the road again. In some instances, the psychological distress may affect the individual’s ability to work and handle responsibilities.


The blunt force trauma can frequently cause numerous physical injuries due to an accident, ranging from contusions and bruising to severe physical harm (such as paralysis).


Breakdown of American and British Crash Causes

K. Rumar conducted study in 1985 utilizing American and British crash information as data. The study suggested that 57 percent of collisions were caused solely by driver factors, 27 percent to combined driver and roadway factors, 6 percent to combined driver and vehicle factors, 3 percent exclusively to roadway factors, 3 percent to combined vehicle, driver, and roadway factors, 2 percent exclusively to vehicle factors, and 1 percent to combined vehicle and road factors.

Reducing an injury’s severity in collisions is more vital than reducing rate and ranking rate by broad groups of causes is misleading concerning severe injury decrease. Lawyer for car accident are also needed. Road and vehicle modifications are usually more effective than efforts to behavioral change except certain laws like required usage of motorcycle helmets, seat belts and licensing of teenagers. Consult a car crash lawyer if you even get into an accident.